active citizensI would like to highlight some ideas about the importance of active citizenship work in European projects like our Erasmus +

That is way, I´m going to remark different sentences from the post  “Active Citizenship can change your country for the better” where Katalin Széger from the Kurt Lewin Foundation discusses Active Citizenship with Andrej Nosko of the Open Society Think Tank Fund.

More information:

1.- “Active citizenship is a combination of knowledge, attitude, skills and actions that aim to contribute to building and maintaining a democratic society. Active Citizenship supports democratic cooperation that is based on the acceptance of universal human rights and the rule of law, values diversity and includes the whole community. Education towards gaining this knowledge and developing and practicing the skills take place in all levels of our shared social life, but schools play a very important role in it”.

2.- “Active citizenship has a crucial role to allow citizens” to promote skills in order to research European topics we share.

3.- “Educational program’s need to be developed to improve competencies like co-operation and communication as well working to increase critical ability, reduce prejudice and build tolerance, understanding, empathy, and an openness to diversity”.

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