This city of Cuenca was created by the wind. It was the wind that molded at its own will the narrow gorges surrounding the urban settlement. It was the wind that has arranged the various streets in this very chaotic order because the wind wanted to create a space where you could host the Music, where during all year the music made life a little easier.
For this reason, he got through the various instruments, and made the music appear in every corner, in every square, in every street.

Look at the video below and pay attention to the different stages.

Stage 1.- But the place where the music was truly settled was in the heart of the
people. And since the music wanted to provoke joy among people, it nested in one of the most characteristic musical institutions. From the twelfth century, at University, student groups dressed in black suits, black coats with bright ribbons, and provided with
guitars and mandolins, invade the streets to call the attention from people.

Stage 2.- It is a wind instrument. People used it to alert that something extraordinary was happening.

Stage 3.- In this part of the city if the wind blew, the instrument sounded. If it did not blow, the instrument remained mute.

Stage 4.- Advent announces a period of hope and joy, the good people of Cuenca met to sing carols, songs of our own Christmas tradition. In every corner, it was only needed that someone started singing a melody and they would follow and join another and another, and so on.

Stage 5.- Cuenca was already a city made for Music. There was an instrument inside the Cathedral which needed the presence of wind for the music to appear.

Stage 6.- The wind was almost beaten. The citizens, dressed with regional costumes, returned to pick guitars and mandolins filling the city streets with songs. The atmosphere was full joy and happiness. Music became the queen of Cuenca.

Stage 5.- The wind pulled into the caves placed into the gorges surrounding the city. Meanwhile, Cuenca lived the dream of mills and gentlemen, the mills from ┬źDon Quixote ….┬╗