polonia   PL – Polish landscapes – Erasmus+

alemania  Our School      Our School

Sounds of Britzer Garden                                                     Garden landscape Britzer Garden


Forest canopy system                                                           Our school surroundings

republica checa

Our nature for Poland mobility Erasmus+ E.C.B.C.        ZS TGM Mnichovice – our school Erasmus+ E.C.B.C.

italia   Italian school website post the meeting in Warsaw

Italian School Presentation in Poland                     Italy Landaspes and Nature


Polish Welcoming seen by Italian Partners              Polish Nature and Landscape seen by Italian Partners:



Lipdub. Our School «Isaac Albéniz». Cuenca (Spain)

Nature in Castilla La Mancha (Spain)



turquia    PDF  TURKEY- our school          PDF Our School

Our City and School. Dijon                                          Nature in Dijon